5 Ways To Get XP In LEGO Fortnite

Fortnite has been transformed into blocks with the coming of LEGO Fortnite! This creative collaboration presents a fresh method to encounter the game, including quests, difficulties, and obviously, the never-ending search for LEGO Fortnite XP. Whether you are an experienced player or just beginning your journey as a brick builder, this guide will demonstrate to you the top 5 methods for boosting your Battle Pass level and accessing those tasty prizes in Fortnite.

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1. Master the Tutorials and Become the Quest Master

LEGO Fortnite makes sure you start your journey with a series of tutorial quests. Do not overlook these starting missions! Finishing them all is not only a learning experience about the fundamentals but also gives out a good amount of LEGO Fortnite XP rewards. You can get a good beginning point for more exploration by increasing your Fortnite Battle Pass level just four times in one session.

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2. Embrace the Questlines

After you finish your time at Tutorial Island, the journey in LEGO Fortnite becomes more intense. The two main questlines that give LEGO Fortnite XP are Freeplay and Survive and Thrive. In Freeplay quests, you need to explore the world, finish challenges, and find hidden items. This is an excellent method to grow acquainted with the map and gain experience points.

Survive and Thrive goes beyond, it brings in timed challenges and combat situations. Every mini-quest inside Survive and Thrive gives a nice 2,000 XP. When you finish milestone objectives, you unlock a huge 15k LEGO Fortnite XP bonus! Don’t forget about new quests that come with big updates, more chances to level up are waiting for your eyes too.

3. Explore, Survive, and Thrive

The charm of LEGO Fortnite is its open-world sandbox style. Do not feel scared to go away from set routes and investigate all corners. Although finishing quests is an easy method to gain LEGO Fortnite XP, just playing the game also gives passive playtime XP. The more you keep doing things in the game, the more LEGO Fortnite XP points you will gather. So, let loose and create grand structures, fight against villains, and find out secrets. All of these activities add to your LEGO Fortnite XP journey.

4. Team Up for Bricktastic Bonuses

LEGO Fortnite is better with friends! When you play in multiplayer, you get an extra LEGO Fortnite XP for everything that you earn. It doesn’t matter if it’s finishing quests together, exploring the world, or just breaking bricks – teaming up makes your XP bigger. Everyone gets benefits – you can experience the social parts of the game and also speed up your Battle Pass advancement.

5. Don’t Forget Daily Limits

There is a maximum LEGO Fortnite XP you can earn from playtime each day. But do not be discouraged! Make sure to have a daily routine of logging in and playing for some time each day to fully utilize your XP intake. A little bit of practice every day, even if it’s only a short session, can help you maximize your progress.

So it is! These five tactics will make you a master at building with LEGO and earning XP in a short while. Always keep in mind, that the most crucial part is to enjoy yourself and appreciate the exceptional combination of imagination and action that LEGO Fortnite provides. Happy building, and happy bricking!

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