Bert Girigorie: The Untold Story of Wendy Williams’ First Husband

Bert Girigorie: The Untold Story of Wendy Williams’ First Husband

Wendy Williams is a household name, known for her unapologetic and candid approach to celebrity gossip and entertainment news. While much of her life has been an open book, there’s a chapter that remains relatively untouched: her marriage to Bert Girigorie. This post aims to shed light on the man who was once part of Williams’ life, exploring their relationship, the marriage, and where Girigorie stands today.

Early Encounters and Marriage

Bert Girigorie and Wendy Williams’ paths crossed in the late 1990s, a time when Wendy was building her reputation as a radio host. The details of their first meeting are sparse, but it’s known that the connection was swift, leading to a marriage in 1997. This period in Williams’ life was marked by her rising fame, which brought its own set of challenges to the relationship.

The Man Behind the Name

Before being known as Wendy Williams’ first husband, Bert Girigorie had a career and life of his own. Girigorie entered the scene as a sales and marketing professional. Unlike Wendy, who thrived in the spotlight, Girigorie was more reserved, focusing on his career away from the glare of public scrutiny.

Despite the differences in their professional lives, it was these contrasting personalities that initially drew them together. Girigorie supported Williams behind the scenes, providing a semblance of normalcy away from her burgeoning fame.

The Unraveling

The marriage between Wendy Williams and Bert Girigorie was short-lived, lasting just five months before they decided to go their separate ways. The reasons behind the dissolution of their marriage remain largely private, with both parties opting to keep the details out of the public eye.

In interviews following their split, Girigorie hinted at difficulties in adapting to Williams’ lifestyle and the pressures that came with her fame. It’s clear that while love brought them together, the same forces that propelled Williams’ career forward also played a role in driving them apart.

Life After Wendy

Following his separation from Wendy Williams, Bert Girigorie stepped away from the media spotlight, focusing instead on his career and personal growth. He continued his work in sales and marketing, maintaining a low profile.

Girigorie has seldom spoken about his relationship with Williams in the years following their divorce, choosing instead to distance himself from the celebrity world. His approach to dealing with their past has been dignified, marked by a desire to move forward rather than dwell on what was.

Wendy Williams’ Reflections

Wendy Williams has occasionally spoken about her first marriage, though she too has kept many details private. In her autobiography and subsequent interviews, Williams has reflected on her time with Girigorie as a learning experience, one that taught her about love, loss, and the importance of understanding oneself in relationships.


The story of Bert Girigorie and Wendy Williams is a testament to the complexities of love under the limelight. While their marriage was brief, it offers insights into the challenges faced by couples in the public eye. Today, both Girigorie and Williams have moved on, each forging their paths while respecting their shared past.

Bert Girigorie’s story is a reminder that behind every public figure lies a private world filled with real people and genuine emotions. In the case of Wendy Williams’ first husband, it’s a world that, despite its brief intersection with the public sphere, remains largely untold.